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The pandemic has caused cash flow issues for many healthy businesses across the UK during the last year.  Businesses succeed or fail on the strength of their cash flow and during these tough times, a cash injection can help the business to remain resilient and see it through to the other side of the pandemic.


Bridging finance could be a solution…

Bridging finance can be used to meet short term, emergency funding requirements for a business, such as repairs, an unexpected cost, or to avoid the impact of temporary cash flow issues.

Traditional banks have tightened their criteria so availability has been reduced, where there is appetite to lend, the process can be lengthy.  In an emergency, speed is required, and bridging finance is an ideal solution as it’s entirely possible to go from application to offer in as little as a few days.

Terms of up to 18 months can be achieved, so this option is not designed for long term needs, or to avoid a situation such as bankruptcy and therefore talking to a bridging finance specialist is vital.

When a longer-term solution is required…

The commercial finance sector covers both traditional and challenger banks, as well as alternative lenders.  Unsecured business loans allow businesses access to finance and are usually quick to arrange.

This has become an attractive avenue for business owners as it can be achieved with minimal information, typically two years trading accounts and three months business bank statements will be enough to obtain an option for lending within 48 hours. Clients can also receive the funds as quickly as two weeks of submitting an application.


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