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Case Studies

Using a lifetime mortgage to complete a clients bucket list

Second charge mortgage enables client to extend newly purchased property and increase value

First time landlord, first time buyer

Client purchases business premises and makes a saving on their monthly rental payment

Capital raising re-mortgage for a right to buy client on a low income

Brightstar almost halves quoted rate for property investor client

Short term lending enables client to purchase property at auction

Using a lifetime mortgage to repay an overdue interest only mortgage

Client who’s facility had expired secures re-bridge to be able to complete development project

Brightstar assists client to exit bridging facility with lender who previously turned them down

Client significantly reduces monthly expenditure with a second charge mortgage

Client raises £53k on an unsecured basis to fund a commercial unit in Scotland

First time landlord purchases 8 bed HMO – find out how we structured this case

Developer secures short term finance on the hope value of the site

What to do when the first charge lender declines to consent for the second charge

Lending into retirement using pension income at a higher income multiple

Couple secures a lifetime mortgage to replace income for retirement

Client uses lifetime mortgage to reduce inheritance tax and to provide gifts for the family

Brightstar assists first time landlord to invest in commercial property

It’s still possible to secure fast bridging finance. Read how we helped a client purchase within auction terms

Commercial landlord with limited experience exits bridging finance with specialist commercial mortgage

When the portfolio doesn’t stress at most lenders minimum requirements

Landlord lowers mortgage payment, despite a down valuation disqualifying a re-mortgage approach

Client with benefit only income secures residential mortgage

Haulage company seeking £100k to expand its operations

A very specialist mortgage

Client settles bridging and raises capital for onward project on 3 adjacent properties

75% LTV on a commercial property for first time investor

Family completes on £70k second charge in 3 weeks

Client secures high LTV bridge plus 100% refurb costs on a derelict property

Solicitor firm offered 100% funding for new business premises

SPV limited company with a director that has acquired adverse, adds to portfolio

Client reduces monthly outgoings via a second charge mortgage

Client with 4 months self employed history secures home purchase

A RTB mortgage on a high rise flat

A multi-unit case with multiple obstacles

£250k Unsecured Lending For Hotel Refurbishment

Client purchases dream home despite broken chain

Capital raising using a higher income multiple

Brightstar shows broker the way to exclusive product

Client raises £128k for tax bill via second charge mortgage

Brightstar secures super fast funding for a 9 flat multi-unit block

Brightstar helps client buy out 2 partners on a semi-commercial property

Brightstar assists client to avoid HMRC penalty

Purchase of a shop with flat above where the residential element exceeds 40% of the total property

Fast funds for a business requiring an urgent cash injection

Complex portfolio landlord case

Higher income multiple mortgage plus adverse credit

Declined further advance, remortgage options too expensive

Commercial Investment Purchase

Bridging the Probate Gap

Owner-Occupied Trading Business Purchase


Rising Rental Calculations = Larger Deposit Required

Right-To-Buy Purchase At 100% LTV (With Adverse)



Nichola Jomoa
Mortgage Advisor

I have used Brightstar since 2012, the guys have always been very approachable and open to helping our clients through, in some cases, a stressful process. We like the fact they are an extension of what we do. We introduce Brightstar to our clients as our specialist team and they offer our clients seamless solutions. These are clients who wouldn’t normally be able to obtain a conventional mortgage but Brightstar are equipped to offer solutions where others fail. In the words of our clients: “you have helped me where no-one else could”.

We find Brightstar exceptionally useful for our non-conventional clients who may be looking for a slight income stretch or have minor adverse blemishes, as they often need a lender who has a different approach to high street affordability models. What is great about Brightstar is they are able to bridge gaps where conventional lending lets us down.

Brightstar’s service allows us to assist clients where others would fail and this enables us to maintain our working relationships with our clients and also our introducers, which is essential to our business.


Pete Matthews
Mortgage Advisor

I use Brightstar for 80% of my bridging, corporate and development finance loans. Brightstar works with most of the lenders in the market. The way they structure their deals and their relationships with the lenders means that I can pass them my business but do not lose out on the proc fee. With the regulatory changes in both the residential and buy-to-let market, writing a mortgage is increasingly more time consuming so it just isn’t possible to spend time on everything.

Passing cases to Brightstar allows me to focus on my residential and buy-to-let business, while still looking after clients with more niche needs, without having to spend a day researching the market every time.