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Our client had an existing facility in place which was due to be redeemed in less than 10 days. They’d already had one extension and a further advance on the current facility. The client wanted to have the facility extended fora further 3 months to allow time for the best suited re-finance option or a sale of one of the security properties to be achieved


We had a very short time span in which to have numerous securities across the south east of England re-valued, in order to allow the facility extension to be completed before the end of the current term time.


After liaising directly with the lender, we had valuations instructed the following day and completed on the facility extension before the required redemption date.

Types of Lending Cover

  • Residential
  • Commercial & semi commercial
  • Land (with planning permissions)


Case Study: Non regulated 1st charge
Security Value: £11 Million
Location: South East England
LTV: 30%