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Have you got all the ingredients you need?

Looking at things differently.

Did you know that the water in a can of chickpeas can substitute eggs when baking? Neither did we until 2020 came along. Shelves were stripped bare, stockpilers stocked up, and if we wanted cake, we’d have to become more resourceful.


There’s a lesson to be learnt here. Looking for alternative options can provide different paths to success and a more resourceful approach to your client leads can create greater opportunities in 2021.


Here are some of the client trends we expect to see this year and how you could help:


  • Demand for home improvements and extensions increases. A remortgage isn’t the only way to fund this type of work. A second charge mortgage could prove a more cost-effective option for your client if they can increase the value of their property and remortgage at a lower LTV in the future.
  • Investors will look for stronger returns. Property refurbishment is a popular strategy for investors looking to achieve a strong return on their investment. Whether they choose to renovate and flip a property, or let it out for a higher rental value, bridging finance could help realise their plans.
  • Cashflow will be crucial.  With government support schemes coming to an end, your self-employed clients will need working capital for their businesses. Commercial finance can provide options – perhaps even giving your clients the opportunity to buy their business premises if commercial landlords are keen to sell.


Earn extra income with us.

If you recognise any of these scenarios when talking to your clients, why not call us to discuss their options with our multi-award-winning team? You could earn a generous share of the enhanced proc fee; all you need to do is refer the case to us. That’s it. Piece of cake,


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