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Training and Events

Team Insights Discovery Training

At Brightstar we think that self-awareness is crucial for development and success: we need to know our own strengths and weaknesses.

That’s why, when new team members join Brightstar, they complete the ‘Insights Preference Evaluator’,  which generates a personal report describing the person’s personality type, including strengths, weaknesses, possible blind spots and more.

We then invite our team members to our Team Insights Discovery Training. The aims of this session have been for all team members to gain a greater understanding of the Insights Discovery Profile and also to enable the team to communicate, interact and work together more effectively through a more thorough understanding of the colour energies of their colleagues.

Wellbeing Room

As part of our Mental Health Action Plan and our ongoing commitment to good staff wellbeing and good mental health, the Brightstar team has access to a ‘Wellbeing Room’. This is a dedicated and carefully thought out relaxation and ‘chill out’ area that is available to all team members throughout the working day.

The Wellbeing Room is available for anyone who is unwell, needs relaxation time or just some private time-out. It is multi-sensory, provides various comforts and relaxation aids and is designed with ultimate relaxation and recovery in mind.

Commitment to Charitable causes

Every year Brightstar supports various charitable causes in a variety of ways. We also adopt a charity for the year. In tune with our commitment to mental health issues, we are currently supporting Anxiety UK as our national charity and Basildon Mind as our local charity. This commitment to charities supports our values of ‘we embrace partnership’ and ‘we are ethical’. As well as raising funds for our charities, we are also committed to providing education and awareness for our team.