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There's lots of situations where bridging finance can be a useful tool. Watch our 2 minute video or read on below to find out if you're up-to-date with all of them.

Let’s look at the power of bridging finance, a valuable tool in your repertoire…


It doesn’t need to be a last minute measure, by using effectively, you could give your clients more desirable options. For example, building bridging finance into their plan could turn your client into a cash buyer, putting them into a much stronger position to negotiate with sellers. This saving often offsets the costs of the bridging finance, as well as speeding up the process and helping your client secure the property of their dreams.


There’s lots of other scenarios where bridging finance can be useful; it could be a good solution for your retired clients looking to downsize. It can also help clients who want the finances and breathing room to improve their property before they move in or sell.


The bridging finance process doesn’t need to be stressful as the interested is rolled up, there are no monthly payments. And with flexible loan terms, typically between one to 12 months, it can be paid back sooner with no penalty.


We work in partnership with our introducing brokers and lenders to help ensure that a viable exit strategy is in place, and this professional support continues should unexpected circumstances arise.


So why not call to discuss how bridging finance could help your clients today? Call 01277 508 421 or complete the short form on the right to submit an enquiry.