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In the latest episode in our specialist lending essentials series we talk about the power of non-regulated bridging finance.

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While the term ‘non-regulated’ may sound risky, but it’s simply the term to classify that it’s use is for business purposes or property investments.  When considered as a solution in the right way and not as a last resort, it can create opportunities that otherwise might have been lost.


It could help ensure that your clients get the property for which you can help them with the mortgage, and along with the non-regulated bridging finance business, this could be a potential double income stream opportunity for you…  And the costs to your client are often offset against the profit made.


It can be a flexible tool for your clients who want to:

  • Bridging the gap between sale and completion dates in their chain
  • Renovate a property and sell it on quickly. Or hold on to it and generate strong rental yields
  • Purchase a property at auction
  • Invest in a property for buy-to-let purposes
  • Purchase a property under market value
  • Buy an uninhabitable and therefore unmortgageable property
  • Expand their business by quickly securing new offices or storage space


Bridging finance can also be used if your client wants to:

  • Resolve a short-term cash flow problem
  • Pay off a tax bill
  • Purchase an existing business


And there are several ways people tend to repay bridging finance, including:

  • Refinance
  • Sale of property or assets
  • Receipt of money owed


We work in partnership with lenders to ensure that a viable exit strategy is in place, and this professional support continues should unexpected circumstances arise.


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