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New Introducer Secures Partnership With Brightstar Financial

25th JULY 2017

Bridging Loan Hub, a new bridging introducer based in North-West London has just secured a partnership with leading broker Brightstar Financial.The website will act as an introducer for bridging, development and auction finance in the UK. The company has been developed by Daniel Tannenbaum, a digital marketing specialist who has built a strong reputation in the unsecured and guarantor loan sector.

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Careers Insight: Changing workplace dynamics


Despite my commitment to gender parity in financial services, I’m equally keen to write about men in the workplace and the challenges they face. Furthermore, as a director of people development my ‘cause’ is people and my ‘mission’ the equality of all in terms of pay, opportunities, benefits and rights.

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Brightstar Financial re-launch Private Label brand

4th JUNE 2017

Brightstar Financial is today re-launching Private Label, the specialist lending brand, with a flurry of revolutionary new residential and buy-to-let mortgage products. From 4 July, the specialist distributor will offer its introducing intermediaries access to the exclusive specialist mortgages with unique criteria offerings.

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It's not all about women


Following our celebration of International Women's Day earlier this year, as an original signatory of HM Treasury's Women in Finance Charter and my ongoing commitment to promoting gender parity in financial services, I am keen to put in on record that I'm equally passionate to write about men in the workplace and the challenges that they face.

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The lending landscape for self-employed applicants

19th JUNE 2017

The number of self-employed in the UK has increased dramatically in recent years growing from 12% of the workforce in 2008 to 16% in 2016. At the same time, it has become more difficult for self-employed workers with complex incomes to get a mortgage, to the point where the self-employed believe they cannot get a mortgage.

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Ways to cope with BTL changes

10th JUNE 2017, BY JEFF LIST

Buy-to-let landlords will no doubt be feeling like the world is collapsing around them following the reduction in tax relief on buy-to-let mortgage interest payments (being implemented gradually from April 2017), the introduction of an additional 3% stamp duty which is now payable on buy-to-let properties (second homes) and harder stresses on rental calculations (as set out by the Prudential Regulation Authority).

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Advantages and disadvantages of limited company buy-to-lets


At Brightstar, we would strongly recommend clients talking to their accountant or a tax specialist before making any decisions as the advice can vary widely depending on their personal circumstances. It is important that clients deal with a broker who has strong knowledge of the buy-to-let sector, PRA regulations and the products available for limited companies. It is also important that your clients understand the advantages and disadvantages of using a limited company. And the responsibilities of new directors in the new business, especially for those who are not currently company owners.

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Back to bridging basics


One of the most common questions we are asked by new brokers looking to refer bridging cases is “Are bridging loan regulated?” There is a common misconception that bridging loans are not regulated. This is not true. Not all bridging loans are FCA regulated, but generally if the loan is being secured against a property the borrower has previously lived in, currently lives in or intends to live in, then the loan will be deemed FCA regulated.

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