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Over 3000 intermediaries have registered to use Brightstar’s ground breaking sourcing system EasySource in the lead up to its launch and during its first three months of operation, registering at an average rate of 250 a week.

EasySource, Brightstar’s sourcing and case management system, had been two years in the making, and was developed to revolutionise the way intermediaries search for specialist finance solutions, making it possible to search across different product types for the very first time.

Following its launch on the 1st June this year, 3024 intermediaries have registered to use the system from opening registration until the end of August, submitting 4736 searches or enquiries. It takes, on average, just 90 seconds for an intermediary to submit an enquiry with 87% of participants in their online poll voting that EasySource was indeed #MadeEasy.

It is Brightstar’s mission to make things easier for intermediaries and the whole EasySource system was developed with this as a key priority, with a social media campaign run under the hash tag #MadeEasy, providing intermediaries with ongoing tips and information on the specialist mortgage market.

Of the 4736 enquiries submitted, a large percentage cross referenced more than one type of product category with the most popular search being a comparison for a capital raising re-mortgage against a second charge mortgage. This is the first time that it has been possible to compare multiple product categories; either for a direct comparison or to assess the costs for different approaches to a client enquiry with one search. The full range of possible searches includes specialist mortgages, complex buy-to-let, second charge mortgages, bridging and commercial finance.

EasySource also includes an intelligent case management and tracking system, providing a full audit trail, access to key documents and absolute clarity to the intermediary on what is happening with their application at any given time.

Rob Jupp, CEO of Brightstar says, “We have had a phenomenal first three months after our launch of EasySource. 250 registrations a week exceeds anything we expected or hoped for. It is wonderful to see people using the system as it was intended and comparing rates across a number of different product areas.

“We constantly take on board feedback and will continue to develop EasySource so that it remains the most cutting edge sourcing system in the mortgage market.”