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The benefits of working with a specialist distributor

Are you feeling the Brightstar benefit?


Working with a specialist distributor, like Brightstar, can provide you with the expertise and access to diversify your business into new areas, and the resources you need to scale up your operation.


At Brightstar we cover a wide range of lending areas, with dedicated teams that each have focused expertise as well as strong links to work with other departments in providing solutions for cases that might need a combination approach. The lending areas we cover are*:

  • Specialist residential mortgages
  • Complex buy-to-let mortgages
  • Second charge mortgages
  • Short term lending
  • Commercial mortgages and business cash flow solutions
  • Development finance
  • Unsecured loans
  • Later life lending

*Agreements with our network and mortgage club partners may vary regarding access to the lending areas we cover


So, how could your business benefit from working with Brightstar, and what do you need to know?


You just need 60 seconds


At Brightstar, our purpose is to support every broker in providing the right solution for their clients. For firms that take a more hands-on approach to specialist lending, we can provide the expertise to upskill and diversify and for firms whose core business model lies in other areas, we say – you don’t need to be an expert, you just need 60 seconds to talk to Brightstar and access all of these benefits:

  • Access the knowledge and experience of award-winning experts who are immersed in the market, have in-depth understanding of criteria and know exactly how to present a case. Brightstar gives you the peace of mind that you are providing the correct advice to your client even if you deal with the specialist market infrequently. Many networks and mortgage clubs insist on brokers working with a specialist distributor on certain lending areas to access this expertise.
  • Strong relationships with lenders, which means we have the access and ability to talk through the merits of a case and work in partnership to look for a solution, which could even mean structuring a bespoke arrangement for the client.
  • Enhanced levels of service, which can help to bypass long delays that can happen when you deal with a lender direct. At Brightstar, we have an example where a lender has a 14-day turnaround on post for direct business, but only 3 days when it comes from Brightstar.
  • Exclusive products that are not available direct to brokers. We work with a number of lenders that are able to offer higher LTVs through Brightstar than they do through their core range.
  • Technology to help you to easily identify the best solution for your client, with case tracking to provide full visibility of the progress of an application. At Brightstar, we give brokers access to our EasySource online system, which includes criteria information to help you to identify the most appropriate solution for your clients.


Choose how you work


One of the great things about working with Brightstar is that you get to choose to do it in a way that suits your business**.


If you want to keep ownership of the advice your client receives, you can choose to harness the knowledge of a specialist distributor to research suitable solutions and manage the process with the lender.


Alternatively, if you would rather focus on other areas of your business, you could choose to refer a case to Brightstar to provide the advice in return for a share of the proc fee. At Brightstar, all we need is a name and telephone number. We can keep you up to date with how the case is proceeding and we have a no cross-selling guarantee.


**Many networks and mortgage clubs insist on brokers working with a specialist distributor – please refer to your network / club rules



How does the process work?


Here’s what you can expect if you choose to work with Brightstar to find the right solution for your clients***:

  • Get in touch with Brightstar. Pick up the phone, browse EasySource or submit an online enquiry. We will help you to identify the best solution for your clients and obtain a DIP / AIP where applicable.
  • You can then submit the application on EasySource.
  • Our processing team will then take any fees and create a list of documents required by your client. We will then instruct the valuation.
  • Once the documents are received, we will underwrite the case and submit to the lender.  The lender will complete the full assessment and issue an offer.  Sometimes, the lender will request further information.
  • Once an Offer is issued, the case can progress to the post completion process.
  • We pay your commission (via your network or mortgage club if applicable).

***The process for each lending area will differ slightly


What about commission?


Did you know that specialist distributors often receive an enhanced procuration fee from the lenders with whom they work? This means that you don’t usually have to compromise any of your proc fee if you choose to work in partnership with Brightstar and, if you choose to refer the business, you’ll be receiving a proportion of a proc fee that you may not have otherwise earned.


Are you missing out?


One of the biggest benefits of working with Brightstar, is the support you can receive to identify new opportunities to grow your business and offer different solutions to a wider client-base. Brightstar have invested in market-leading specialist expertise in all of our specialist lending areas, so if there any areas in which you currently don’t operate, or think you could improve your proposition for clients, we can help you to spot the scenarios when we’re able to help, generate more leads, help more clients and earn more income.


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