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NatWest announced that it would be making changes to its online system and signified that emailing documents was on the way during a presentation at The Buy To Let Market Forum.

Lenders looking to improve their systems and service to brokers and customers should not be knocked but the changes unveiled were not regarded as a major step forward. Barclays began accepting documents by email some time ago and many lenders have been using electronic ID for years.

That said, NatWest’s Live Chat is consistently singled out as major leap forward in the way lenders are weaving advancements in technology into their mortgage lending activities.

This week’s panel of experts discuss what areas of weakness still exist in lenders’ systems and procedures and how a reluctance to update technology is leaving some years behind others.

Rob Jupp, CEO of Brightstar, points out how lenders should embrace the technological advancements being pionneered by too few because it would result in a cost saving.

Dale Jannels, managing director of All Types of Mortgages, talks about what makes his life difficult and points to some of the technological advancements which are leading the way.

Tony Salentino, managing director of Complete FS, shares the questions he wants answered over lenders’ insistence to stick to archaic procedures.