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As we move in to 2018, the understanding of the regulatory and underwriting changes will be embedded and the process will become easier with everyone including accountants, brokers and clients more prepared for lenders’ underwriting requirements. It is our belief that as lenders become more comfortable with the new processes we will see an increase in innovation with both products and technology.

Buy to let mortgages will continue to be complex and as your specialist finance partner, the buy to let team at Brightstar are of course here to help with any enquiries you are struggling to place. We understand you use our services for different reasons: because you have a specialist case that falls outside your core business and/or knowledge area, or maybe you simply don’t have the time to manage a specialist case and the complexities it brings. That’s why we offer a choice of how you can work with us.

Whether it’s you providing the advice and us managing the process with the lender, or you referring the case to us to manage the client and lender relationship, including giving the required advice, you will benefit from market leading procuration fees.

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