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Brightstar, the hub for specialist lending, has embarked on a strategic marketing initiative, encapsulating the way the company wishes to engage with the intermediary market in 2015.

Under the catchphrase ‘Made Easy’, Brightstar has used its own research with their introducers to help it realign their service proposition to better meet the needs of the intermediary sector.

One of the key findings of the survey showed that 84% of respondents did not understand the specialist market enough to feel confident in giving the right advice to clients without expert guidance.

Michelle Westley, Head of Marketing at Brightstar said, “We are always keen to take into account the feedback and needs of our introducing intermediaries. The research has acted as a spur to improve our offering in such a way that our intermediaries can feel confident in helping their clients in an increasingly complex lending environment.”

With the specialist lending market set to grow further in 2015, Brightstar’s CEO, Rob Jupp is convinced that although the company’s current strategy has seen the business reach its current preeminent position, Brightstar wants to make it even easier for the broker to do business and be confident that the advice they provide is based on the soundest foundations.

Rob Jupp said, “It would be easy to carry on as we were because clearly we have been doing something right! However, we have identified that many brokers need a greater degree of support. Some of the old certainties in mortgage broking have been swept away in the past few years. Those brokers who have survived the downturn are looking at a landscape that is very different and the new regulatory structure rightly is placing the spotlight firmly on the quality of advice to customers.”

He added, “With so many clients no longer currently eligible for high street mortgages, we have worked hard to redevelop our brand and adapt the way we interact with introducers old and new so there is a clear path to follow for the help they need. The principal thrust of our brand positioning is to be seen not only as the natural choice for specialist lending but also as a resource which helps brokers to increase their knowledge and understanding of this vitally important sector.”