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The Brightstar Ezine - Special edition covering commercial mortgages, sponsored and written by InterBay Commercial

If your car breaks down, you’d call a mechanic. If the sink gets blocked, you’d call a plumber. So when your clients need complex mortgage solutions, who do you call?  This is when you need an expert.


At InterBay Commercial, we focus on providing opportunities where other lenders may not be able to. We do this by using our expertise of the market and understanding of client needs – ensuring that we deliver above and beyond what is required.


Just like the time when we successfully remortgaged a 12-flat property for a new limited company, worth an estimated £2.7m. And when we quickly turned around a loan for an £18m portfolio made up of over 130 properties.


These are just some of the examples of how our expertise has helped delivered tailor-made solutions for clients needing support.


Watch us in action

If you want to see how we work as a team, we’ve documented the journey of a complex bridging case from start to finish.  Meet our sales, underwriting, real estate and completions experts, as they take you through our internal processes and how we work to deliver solutions for your clients.  Watch us in action here and see how we could help.


Get in touch with the team of commercial lending experts at Brightstar by calling 01277 508 951 or click to make an enquiry today.