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From our June Ezine

We are pleased to unveil new rates for our exclusive deals with bridging lenders Interbay and Masthaven.

Our exclusive Interbay rates on bridging are now 0.44% per month on loans up to 55% LTV and 0.54%pm for loans up to 65% LTV. They are also offering loans at 0.64% per month up to 75% LTV.

All the deals are only available for non-registrants relating for standard and light refurbishments.

In addition, Masthaven Bank and United Trust Bank are offering bridging rates from 0.49% per month on various LTVs for registrants and non-registrants.

It is also worth noting the launch of Octane Capital, a new third generation of bridging lenders with new innovative pricing structures.

Octane will offer deals on a ‘price for risk’ basis only with no set products or criteria, which could be a useful and interesting new addition to the sector.

It is backed by a $5bn US hedge fund and founded by former Dragonfly Property Finance chief executive Jonathan Samuels.