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By Landbay for the Brightstar Ezine - May 2019

As the number of ‘niche’ or non-standard customers continues to rise and the sale of specialist financial products continues to go from strength to strength, the need for advisers to engage with these markets and to develop closer relationships with packagers has also risen accordingly.


Recent research has revealed that an overwhelming 85% of surveyed mortgage brokers believe that the specialist lending sector will grow in 2019, with 34% expecting the market to ‘grow significantly’.


At Landbay, we have seen the growing need for advisers with BTL clients to fully understand the changes that have taken place in the sector in the past eighteen months. What better way to ensure that your clients get the best possible advice on anything from SPV’s to maximise available reliefs and helping them to take advantage of the financing options available to invest in HMOs and MUFBs, than engaging with a packager like Brightstar?


With many brokers worried that they do not have the time or experience to fully consider sectors like BTL, using a packager can allow you to access a range of products or lending options in one place through the Brightstar Hub, some of which are unavailable elsewhere. All of this helps you to provide a real service and provide customers with the most favourable requirement solutions.


Brightstar’s strong working relationship with lenders like Landbay, means that your cases are also likely to benefit from a faster service and a timelier resolution. Expert knowledge of the ways in which Landbay and other specialist lenders operate and the criteria which they will or will not accept, means that Brightstar can improve referral or conversion rates in a fraction of the time that brokers would usually have to expend on such cases.


In summary, by using Brightstar as a regular partner, brokers like you can access new streams of revenue effectively and efficiently, while learning more about the BTL sector and without having to make more time to generate new business in more conventional sectors. Moreover, by helping you to see just how profitable specialist options can be and by encouraging the way in which they approach customer needs, packagers like Brightstar can actively help brokers differentiate themselves from their competitors by becoming ‘problem solvers’ as opposed to ‘one size fits all’ risk assessors. In a rapidly changing market environment, it’s a win-win solution.


Be a star broker like Ian:

 I’ll pick up the phone to Brightstar to discuss a case where I don’t have the specialist expertise, and sometimes I just don’t know the answer. I can choose to refer a case or work together with them and retain the advice and if I know that if I call Brightstar they will deliver the goods – this helps me to write more business.”

 “If it helps me do more than I would have done and provides the right outcome for the client, it just makes sense.”

 Ian Williams, MAB Wiltshire