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From our August Ezine

We were delighted to launch Private Label last month and we are already seeing a huge number of enquiries and now a steady stream of offers and even completions for the new product range.

In this update, we will look at The Mortgage Tailor product which is focused on residential mortgages. It has been designed for clients that don’t quite fit the mould and where even specialist lenders struggle to help.

A good example is where we have been able to secure terms for a client who has been in receipt of dividends for less than 12 months but needed to include the income for affordability purposes. It’s in these instances that The Mortgage Tailor comes into its own as we’ve been able to discuss the merits of each case and together, think outside of the box to find a solution. It’s literally taking specialist lending ‘back to basics’.

Brokers and clients receive a rapid, bespoke bid within 48 hours from one of the four specialist lenders in our hub. We are proud to provide truly unique solutions to our introducers’ clients.

All brokers see cases where they believe a solution can’t be found but we challenge you to contact us to see if we’re able to help.