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FAQs about working with specialist lending distributors and packagers

Common broker objections and the reality:


Q: Won’t I get a better deal by going direct?

A: Not necessarily, we have access to lenders, rates, criteria and service levels.


Q: What if I’ve already tried the same lender?

A: Our strong lender relationships help reopen closed doors.


Q: Will I still advise my client?

A: You can choose who manages the advice process for most of our lending areas.


Q: Will I surrender control of my client’s case?

A: You will have a dedicated case manager and access to our 24/7 EasySource service to ensure you keep full control.


Q: Will Brightstar cross-sell to my client?

A: Absolutely not – we give you a no cross-sell guarantee so that your client remains your client.


Q: Will I earn less money through Brightstar?

A: You won’t lose out as you’ll mostly receive the same commission as going direct.


Q: What happens if my client complains?

A: Very few complaints have ever been received.  However, we have full P.I. insurance in place. Check out our Trustpilot reviews.


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