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Apart from the growing number of clients, who because of past credit issues are persona non grata on the high street, regardless of their current circumstances, I want to concentrate on three particular groups that many conventional lenders have decided they cannot or will not help.

The first is the self employed. The industry is still looking backwards at a world, which had jobs for life and favours employees over those who have had the courage to make their own way. All this regardless of the evidence of the post credit crunch world in which hundreds of thousands lost their jobs and at a time when job security is certainly no greater than that of being self employed. Still the self employed are regarded as a greater risk, although thankfully some of the more enlightened lenders are beginning to see the light.

Then there are the mortgage prisoners doomed by new lender criteria under MMR not to be able to access either the better deals from their own lenders or to remortgage away but instead languish on variable rate deals even though the regulator has ‘tried’ to intervene.

Lastly, the older borrower. The concerns of lenders keen not to overextend clients borrowing into retirement is yet another example of an overreaction to the MMR guidelines. Until we can start seeing greater balance between the ubiquitous credit score and human common sense, these groups will continue to be the refugees of the industry.