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From our August Ezine

Over the summer, we have seen growing demand for our lending into retirement products as older borrowers manage their mortgage payments. Many lenders withdrew or restricted lending into retirement products after the mortgage market review but many are good borrowers facing difficulties simply because of their age.

More people are working past 65 today and living much longer meaning borrowing into retirement is becoming more normal despite the lending restrictions. Changes to personal finance rules on pensions and savings accounts in the UK is changing the way people treat their property and finances too.

Another area facing a regulatory crunch is those borrowers looking for high income multiples for their loans. We have seen an increase in demand from those with good financial circumstances who want to see their income go further. The Bank of England has warned that 4.5 times should be the highest amount but higher amounts may be appropriate for borrowers with good financial circumstances.

At Brightstar, we have solutions for these types of borrowers and welcome your call to see if we’re able to help your clients in these, or any other complex circumstances.