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Market driven mortgages

Revolutionary solutions designed to fill unique gaps in the market.
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We’re constantly receiving signals of new and innovative ideas, and we never want to rest on our laurels, so we’re introducing our second wave of specialist lending products. Sitting under our exclusive ‘Private Label’, they’ve each been carefully designed to fill a gap in the market following extensive research and market intelligence.


The Credit Repairer

Aimed at getting clients with an impaired credit history back on track with contractual rate reductions for on-time payments, it’s the only one of its kind in the UK.

  • 5-year fixed rate product.
  • Rates from 4.5%.
  • Rates reduce at 12, 36 and 60 months by up to 90bps.
  • Product caters to those with mortgage & rent arrears, DMP’s & payday loans (over 12 months & satisfactorily conducted), CCJ’s & defaults.
  • Available for purchase and re-mortgage applications.


The Buy-to-Let Booster

Simultaneous first and second charge buy-to-let mortgages, for increased leverage whilst meeting required rental calculations.

  • A collaboration with our lender partners, Kent Reliance Building Society (1st charge) & Castle Trust (2nd charge).
  • Blended rates starting from 4.48%.
  • No rental coverage required on second charge.
  • 1 valuation report & 1 set of legals required – from panel mutually agreed by both lenders. 


The Bridging Buster

Lets investors remortgage from short term finance onto a standard buy-to-let quicker.

  • Rates from 3.34%.
  • Up to 75% LTV.
  • Remortgage from short-term finance/cash purchase within six months.
  • Re-finance on any post works value.
  • Raise capital for next purchase/replenish purchase funds.


The Temporary Renter

Designed for those wishing to let a property on Airbnb or similar. 

  • Rates from 6.69%.
  • Rental coverage 150% of pay rate, shortfall can be made up via income or assets.
  • Up to 75% LTV.
  • property value £75k.
  • Loans from £15k to £750k, more by exception.
  • No AST required, obviously.


The Second Homeowner

Aimed at clients wishing to purchase or remortgage a second property for their own use, or to let to a family member. 

  • Up to 70% LTV.
  • Rates from 2.67%.
  • Interest only.
  • Innovative income calculations for both employed and self-employed applicants.
  • Impaired credit history considered.
  • No credit scoring.


You, the broker, have the power to innovate.

These products are the result of our continued active listening to the needs of the UK specialist lending market. When the market changes, our products will change too. We’re constantly on the lookout for revolutionary niche solutions to underserved customers. 

But we’d also like to offer all our introducers the opportunity to be involved in creating new products. Please contact our CEO, Rob Jupp: rob@brightstarhub.co.uk about any areas of the market that are currently underserved and which new product areas and criteria would most help your clients.

We want to be relentless, restless innovators on your behalf and for your clients’ needs.


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What our lenders say

We partnered with Brightstar when we first entered the UK market in 2015, and we are delighted to support the launch of the UK’s first true credit repair product.

We have seen this product work successfully internationally as it rewards those who have shown commitment to improving their credit score. We hope this product can provide borrowers with a solution to help them restore their credit profiles whilst have access to affordable rates that suit their needs.

Steve Seal, Director of Sales and Distribution, Bluestone Mortgages

What our lenders say

By using a second charge mortgage with all interest deferred to maturity, Castle Trust can help landlords increase their leverage without creating cashflow strain. Over the course of the last few years we have progressively refined our skills in delivering this type of structure and we have a strong reputation for consistency and quality in this space.  We have worked in co-operation with Kent Reliance for a long time and this new initiative driven by Private Label will make our product accessible to an even larger number of landlords.  Our partnership with Kent Reliance will reduce costs and streamline process for our mutual clients.

Matthew Wyles, Executive Director at Castle Trust Capital


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