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...at bridging finance

Looking at things differently.

This week we’re shining a light on bridging finance and how this highly flexible product can be used for 2021’s consumer trends. And, just in case this isn’t a product you’re very familiar with, we have developed explainer guides to help provide you with the knowledge you need to determine when they might come in useful.


Refurbishments are one of the most popular uses of bridging finance and right now, as investors are looking to maximise returns by converting property into HMOs to achieve maximum rental income.  This is also common with commercial property, where investors are buying retail units and offices speculatively for planning gains.


Here, bridging finance can offer a short-term funding solution for investors to purchase property (including run down and non-habitable properties), that would otherwise be declined by standard mortgage lenders. It provides the flexibility to purchase, fully renovate and refurbish, or obtain planning permission on these assets before selling on for profit or adding to an investment portfolio.


The term ‘non-regulated’ might sound risky, but it’s simply the term to classify its use for business purposes or property investments.  To read more about non-regulated scenarios, click here


And if you would also like to find out about regulated bridging finance, click here


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