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But don't get many enquiries?

It's easy to spot them when you know what to ask! Read on below or watch our handy video to find more.

We want to help you spot opportunities and recognise when Brightstar are able to assist you and your customers, you probably have lots of them without realising:


Simply ask your self-employed clients’ the following questions and you’re bound to pick up commercial lending enquiries:

  • Do you own your business premises? Whether they own or rent, commercial mortgages are available for trading business to purchase or refinance their premises. If they own; when is their mortgage due for renewal?
  • Are you tired or rising commercial rent costs? You could surprise your client with the news that purchasing their business premises could be less per month than the rent or lease amount.
  • And here’s a quick one for property investors: Are you looking to diversify your portfolio to include commercial property? We can help fund commercial or mixed-use properties for rental return or capital gain.


It’s a win-win for both you and your clients. By taking a holistic approach, you’ll no doubt enjoy greater client retention and an increase in referrals. And on top of that, it’s incremental income that you’re currently missing out on.


Our experts have lots of easy tips like this to help grow your business. Call us on 01277 508 455 or complete the form to start referring business today.


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